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Located 6272 feet above sea level in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Micro Metals Inc. has been a leader in sheet metal fabrication and manufacturing since 1972. Its Rocky Mountain location offers proximity/transportation efficiencies to businesses in the Midwest, West and South.

Micro Metals invests in its facilities and equipment. With its 141,000 square foot facility, secured 208,000 square foot outside storage area and state-of-the-art machinery and tools, Micro Metals is a full-service, single source manufacturer. Micro Metals’ investment in machinery and facilities equates to time and money savings for customers.

Micro Metals is a family owned and operated business and is committed to manufacturing products in the USA. Micro Metals supports our customers and their needs, while continually improving in the areas of workplace safety, accreditation and process certification. We value our team and are proud of our top-notch, experienced employees who care about producing high quality products for our customers.

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