Philanthropic Endeavors

Philanthropic Endeavors

Kenny Driscoll, President of Micro Metals Inc., worked hard to develop Micro Metals into an industry leader in the precision sheet metal fabrication and manufacturing industry. In 1986, Kenny had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica to help erect a building. He loved the experience and was determined to figure out how Micro Metals could help building efforts in underdeveloped countries.

Recognizing that even the smallest things can make a difference, Micro Metals began producing parts for human services buildings. Many of our employees have crafted parts that are being used on four continents around the globe. Micro Metals parts contribute to orphanages in Venezuela, rehabilitation centers in Eastern Europe, a food distribution center in Haiti, a medical center in Africa and many other laudable building projects.

Micro Metals is honored to be part of these worthwhile projects and looks forward to contributing to future important building projects around the world.

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